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Cactus Plant Flea Market CPFM x Coachella T-Shirt White

Cactus Plant Flea Market CPFM x Coachella T-Shirt White

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Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM) is a fashion and lifestyle brand founded by designer Cynthia Lu. The brand is known for its bold and unique designs, which often feature hand-drawn illustrations and playful graphics. It is influenced by nostalgia, streetwear, and pop culture. CPFM is known for its limited edition drops, exclusive merchandise and collaborations with other brands, artists or designers. It has a wide range of clothing, including T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, bags and accessories. The brand also creates small home goods and items like candles and incense holders. The brand is popular with fashion enthusiasts and has gained a loyal following for its creative designs and strong sense of individuality. It's highly sought after and often sells out quickly, due to its popularity and the limited nature of its releases.


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